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Against COVID-19

Our goal is to save lives by promoting responsible social distancing. 
Identify your current status with a COVID-19 Wristband and join the fight!



A green COVID-19 wristband communicates that a person has recovered from the virus.  Some may have never had symptoms, while others may have been hospitalized.  

We are counting on this group to communicate to the yellow and red groups how easily the virus spreads and how vital social distancing is in this fight.



A yellow COVID-19 wristband communicates that a person has not yet been infected with the virus - or - someone who could be carrying the virus, but showing no symptoms

These people should continue to follow necessary precautions, and the recommendations set forth by federal, state, and local governments.


High Risk

A red COVID-19 wristband communicates that a person is in a high risk category - elderly, having a compromised immune system, or other underlying issues.  


These folks should take the highest precautions in order to stay safe and minimize contraction of the virus.  Please practice extreme social distancing.



A purple COVID-19 wristband communicates essential workers and healthcare professionals on the front lines of relief efforts in their respective communities.


If you see someone with a purple wristband, say "Thank You" from a distance and help to do what is needed to keep them safe so they can care for the rest of us!



A Blue COVID-19 wristband communicates that you have received the vaccination. It communicates that you believe in science and are doing your part for your loved ones and your community to fight the disease.


Vaccines to prevent COVID-19 are perhaps the best hope for ending this horrifying pandemic. Help bring awareness to the safety and efficacy of the vaccine by sharing your experience with others.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Kenna Rasmussen Royce, and these are my two brothers, Hayden and Colby.  I’m a junior in high school and I’m scared, mad, and tired of sitting at home “Sheltering in Place”.  I miss my friends, my coaches, my school, and my routine.

As I watch the news like everyone else, it is clear that this virus will last longer than we had originally anticipated.  I hear facts and figures about multiple ‘waves’ of the epidemic which could last until 2021.  The experts, data scientists, and epidemiologists all agree on the practice of safe social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Fighting this virus together while being apart is hard - but necessary - in order to save lives.  This is all new to everyone and we need help, reminders, and communication tools to be effective at stomping it out.  

I began to think about ways we could more effectively practice social distancing over the next 12-18 months as the virus continues to proliferate, and people continue to adapt.  What if we each had a simple, clear way of sharing our COVID-19 status with others?  This would help us all immediately understand each other's risk categories and bring awareness to safe social distancing.

COVID-19 Wristbands come in four colors - Green, Yellow, Red & Purple - to help clearly communicate our status and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.   Please join the fight to save our friends, loved ones, first responders, and community from this worldwide pandemic.

We're all in this together! 
And we win together - by being apart.

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